// Axis Wake Website UX/UI Design //
The Axis Wake website was in need of a refresh, front and backend. Starting from an approved sitemap, I began developing the navigation. This started the framework for the website which is coded using modX interface. 
developed XD files which were passed to an external vendor to build and code. Adobe XD allowed for faster approvals, direction and vision for mobile and desktop. Users could view live webpages to interact and comment on the go. 
The site navigation in prototype mode. You can start to see how each button talks to the next page or dropdown components.
Data collection is key to any successful marketing and sales team. Building robust forms was a must. Above is the final vision and below are the components talking with each other. The forms expand and collapse as content is needed. In landing pages, forms can be short and easy. For more detail, they could grow based on the users needs.

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