Malibu Boats Inc. Branding & Development
I had the privilege a while back to help in the visual organization and branding of a central based business entity named MBI®, Malibu Boats Incorporated.
In this central organization, there are eight separate businesses that sit under the MBI umbrella. Malibu Boats®, Axis® Boats, Cobalt Boats®, Pursuit® Boats, Cobia® Boats, Pathfinder® Boats, Maverick® Boats and Hews® Boats. The design needed to incorporate other business ventures which could be incorporated as time allowed. The marine space was a sole consideration in doing this branding.
Involving the highest c-suite of the businesses, we walked through a 4 step program in order to deploy on time. 
1. Discover & Define. 2. Design 3. Develop 4. Deployment Timeline.
The logos represent and display "Malibu" as being the primary area of focus. Malibu was the first brand and is still the winning share of the MBI portfolio. A small wave mark incorporates our area of focus, marine, while injecting a bit of fun associated with our brands.
Secondary marks and colors were selected to show a healthy and professional business. The past branding used much of Malibu's single brand elements and this central brand needed to stand by itself. Deep teals and coppers bring in warm color tones that give purpose while showing it's refinement and considered direction.
A company with no vision or direction is lost. The mission at MBI was to create a tagline which brings all our external brands together in order for us to be one strong voice. Our tagline "One Team, Stronger Together" was formed and is still used as a brand anthem.
Fonts were chosen that show strength and refinement. A serif font was chosen to help identify the brand quickly while giving it power and not weakness.
In print materials, copper foil is used to help bring an element of class and expertise to the marine segment. It has been incorporated on Annual Reports, Business cards and other customer facing documents.

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