What an honor to be recognized as an industry leader for this years Boating Industries 40 Under 40! Thank you to my wonderful team who makes what we do the best in the industry. Have fun reading a little bit about me, behind the scenes. 
Best, Ronnie
As Boating Industry’s annual recognition program of strong young leaders in the marine industry moves into its sixth year, it continues to shine a spotlight on a unique group of individuals leading the pack.
Selected from just under 200 nominations from across the industry, this year’s group features young professionals blazing trails of success from all segments of the marine industry, from boat dealers to manufacturers and everything in between.
While no simple task to select recipients with more and more strong nominations for 2022, the young leaders on the proceeding pages were selected for their multitude of accomplishments and strengths, as well as their passion for the recreational boating industry and their promise to bring the industry into the future.
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What first drew you to the marine industry?
Coming from an athletic background, I’ve always found the athleticism in watersports inspiring. That, combined with the freedom it provides, is an endless source of inspiration. Long summer days, exploring the unknown, watching the sunset hit the water and living in that moment. The time spent with family and friends building life-long memories are constant reminders of why I thoroughly enjoy this industry.

What was your first job?
I built a design department which helped create large basketball court designs. Working with many higher education facilities, we refreshed their home courts with new and innovative techniques that separated them from the pack. I really enjoyed working with coaches, athletes and staff to build a brand which the entire school could rally behind. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I would be remised if I didn’t say, staying in a medium which I’ve always loved. Art and Design have been such a huge part of who I am. Seeing people experience emotion or reaction to something you create is indescribable. I feel God has truly blessed me with a talent in which I use to bring happiness to others. It’s something that gets me up in the morning, that keeps me turning through the hard times. Having a passion for your craft, truly makes you happier. Find that passion and build on it, perfect it and be open to making mistakes. 

Did you have any key mentors or influences in your career?
No one person specifically. I’ve had great opportunities to work with smart business leaders which understand the value in Marketing and Design. Past and current jobs alike, they have instilled a fail fast attitude. That greatness is not one person, but a team of people. That standing still in not acceptable and taking criticism is part of building character. 

As a young professional, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in the marine industry and how did you overcome them?
Being an outsider coming into this industry, I felt it was 10 years behind. From a marketing, innovation and customer expectation aspect. These are truly hand-crafted products which deserve the same level of detail in the marketing and delivery of that product. Being open to new, innovative marketing and design ideas to challenge the status quo. 

How do you hope to inspire others in the marine industry?
Just as those who have come before me, with the work they leave behind. Building on that success and taking it to new levels. That work attracts a new generation of boaters.

How do you set goals for yourself and set yourself up for success?
Communication is key. Setting goals for yourself is one thing. Setting goals that you and your team can accomplish is another. Knowing and understanding your team by getting in the weeds when they are. Sitting down and talking through concerns and thinking about the bigger picture. Knowing what you can and can’t do and how you measure that success.  When you do hit your goals, celebrating as a team knowing that your plan was executed well.

What boat did you learn to boat on?
A small aluminum boat with a Johnson 15hp

Where is your favorite place to go boating?
As a child, Mountain Island Lake.

Who was your hero as a child?
I looked up to artists as a young adult. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are icons of the Marvel Universe and of my childhood. They helped shape my imagination and pointed me toward art and design.

What are some of your favorite non-boating hobbies?
Golf, Hiking, Collectables, Movies

Why should young professionals choose a career in the marine industry?
This is an industry of dreams. People love being on the water and helping grow that love is exciting. 

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